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PT FORTA-LARESE is the leading manufacturer and seller of CHEETAH brand Safety Footwear in Indonesia. History PT FORTA-LARESE was established in 1971, manufacturing sandals and military boots in Indonesia. In 1982, the company diversified into safety footwear under the trademark CHEETAH, specialising in Nitrile sole safety shoes. In 1995, the company introduced the Polyurethane (PU) sole safety shoes to cater to changing consumer attention to comfort. In tandem with the evolving market trend, the company successfully launched a new line known as the "COMFY" series in 2004 to satisfy a new market segment for trendier and elegant safety shoes. Being one of the pioneers in the safety footwear industry, PT FORTA-LARESE has established its CHEETAH Safety Shoes as the leading local brand in Indonesia. Its wide range covers a large spectrum of the market and its tremendous growth over the years has spanned every corner of Indonesia, from the Sumatra Island to far-away islands of Kalimantan and Sulawesi. The company has consistently strived to maintain its leadership through continuous innovations in designs and services to its customers to ensure safety and comfort in all kinds of working environments. In 2004, the company obtained the UKAS ISO9001:2000 certification to streamline its operations towards a more systematic approach towards consistent high quality safety shoes. CHEETAH Nitrile and PU safety shoes have since been successfully tested to the requirement of the Indonesian safety standard, SNI. Product & Services Isn’t it good to know that the quality of CHEETAH Safety Shoes is backed by precise craftsmanship, good manufacturing practices, and over 25 years of safety shoe manufacturing experience? CHEETAH Safety Shoes is made to protect your feet regardless of the hazards in your working environment. In order to ensure the quality and durability of our products, we always center our production on the finest shoe-making technology available.

Job Descriptions:
  • Responsible in classification of expenses
  • Responsible to systematize transactions
  • Responsible for corporate tax planning
  • Responsible for monthly tax e-SRL Tax article 21. 23. etc
  • Support Manager Accounting & Finance in closing activities, monthly and yearly
  • Monitor and review tax accounting and related system reports for accuracy and completeness.
  • Preparing monthly and annual tax report
  • Age maximum 31 years old
  • Experience as Tax minimum 2 year
  • Have Experience in Manufacturing
  • Bachelor/Diploma degree majoring in Accounting/ Taxation
  • Ability to create and report on all Tax Period & Annual Tax
  • Having Certificate of Tax Brevet A & B is preferable
  • Minimum working experience in accounting 1 years in handling taxation in company
  • Understanding Regulation Of taxation
  • Integrity, honest, persistent & good working in a team

Tanggal Buka Lowongan : 04 January 2016 (More Than 2 Weeks)
Gaji : Bisa hubungi PT Forta Larese - Jl. Musi No. 16 Cideng Barat - Jakarta Pusat
Industri :



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