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PENGUMUMAN : PT Fuboru Indonesia tidak pernah memungut biaya apapun dalam proses rekrutmen. PT Fuboru Indonesia tidak pernah bekerja sama dengan travel agent / biro perjalanan tertentu dalam proses rekrutmen. Apabila Anda diminta untuk membayar sejumlah uang dalam bentuk pembayaran tiket pesawat dan hotel atau akomodasi lainnya agar diabaikan. Jangan memberikan data pribadi atau data keuangan Anda kepada siapapun. Jika membutuhkan klarifikasi lebih lanjut dapat langsung menghubungi PT Fuboru Indonesia ============================== Fuboru Group consist of: 1. PT. Fuboru Indonesia (Automotive) 2. PT. HRL Internasional (Agrobusiness and Herbals) 3. Klinik White Rose (Medical Services and drugstore) PT. Fuboru Indonesia was established in 1983, which means this company has existed for more than 20 years in the automotive parts industry. It is true that we are the pioneer in cutting gasket industry in Indonesia. At that time, only high price original parts were available. Currently our product range covers automotive parts for motorcycles and automobiles and also static engine parts. Continuous development has been done to reach our vision becoming biggest 10 in national level automotive parts manufacturer, while our mission is always to give the best services to all customer including internal and external. Our first product is Gasket which is a material or combination of materials located between two separated parts, which is attached mechanically. It's function is to prevent leakage of mechanical attachments within a certain time range. SKO rubber parts are made with controlled processing and are based on an accepted quality standard. The Seal Valve Stems function is to prevent oil leakage in the combustion chamber. SVS NICHI is made of a material which is heat resistant and oil / additive resistant, and resistant to valve friction. The FUBORU Gasket Adhesive is a special adhesive to bond the gasket. FUBORU Gasket Adhesive is made from elastomer with micronized aluminum, it is able to fill a scratch on an engine surface. PT. HRL Internasional was established in 2000. The company is located in Gresik, Blora, and Pacet. PT. HRL Internasional has a vision to combine science, technology, and ecology. PT. HRL Internasional grows plants, farms and produce a variety of products, such as fresh vegetables, herbals, aroma therapy, and tea.We dedicated our company to help Indonesia to become a better country by minimalizing imports and opening vacancy. Klinik White Rose located in Surakarta, Central Java, was established in early 2017. The Clinic aims to help people with disease and other health distubance.

Job Descriptions:

Tanggal Buka Lowongan : 05 December 2018 (Tutup pada 04-January-2019)
Gaji : Bisa hubungi Fuboru Group -
Industri : Industri Berat/Mesin/Peralatan



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