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PT Outsource Indonesia is a dynamic Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Labor Supply and Payroll Outsourcing company in Indonesia with top-tier clients in the financial and services industries. Our Vision is to be the most trusted strategic partner in Credit & Risk Operation outsourcing by delivering long-term benefits and measurable value to our clients. Our best assets are people talent, established process framework, domain knowledge, IT and premises infrastructure. We offer customized services to provide flexibility and cost effective approaches of the highest quality to our clients. Outsource Indonesia is supported by a senior management team with a combined over 50 years of practical experience in the financial services, management consulting, decision analytics, and telecomunications sectors.Our clients are in the financial, education and service industries, including multinational banks and major domestic banks. We will not cutting employee salary, free from all of our recruitment process, all of our employee covered by BPJS Manpower & Health / another insurance, on-time salary payment and transparency for all of our employee. We invite all prospective candidates who are interested to begin and grow their careers with us to apply. Available positions include management and support roles within Outsource Indonesia and/or its clients.Please send your CV & Photograph:Jl. Bendungan Hilir Raya No. 78 Gd. Apotik Benhil Lt. 2 Jakarta Pusat 10210Or registered at : www.outsourceindonesia.comMay God bless your career choices!

Job Descriptions:

Tanggal Buka Lowongan : 22 January 2019 (Tutup pada 21-February-2019)
Gaji : Bisa hubungi PT Outsource Indonesia (Recruitment Firm) -
Industri : Manajemen/Konsulting HR



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